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About us

When we were growing up, our mum saved everything. She was the dream combination for waste reduction: a wartime baby who grew up with rationing,  but also born into the Italian cooking tradition and taught classic techniques from a young age. 

We were constantly eating leftovers. Last night's vegetables were shoved into lunchtime frittatas. Extra spaghetti carbonara turned into pasta pie. Spare rice provided the base for stuffed courgettes. And it was good. Great, in fact. 

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She instilled the love of cooking in us. Sara was baking scones before she could even read the numbers on the weighing scales. She went on to study at Leith's School of Food and Wine and shortly after that, joined Ottolenghi's team to head up pastry production. 

When she moved on to Margot Henderson's wonderful Rochelle Canteen, her passion for local, seasonal, quality ingredients was born.

Throughout the last decade she has worked across London and throughout Europe planning and delivering events focused on celebrating with exceptional food.

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Our mother's philosophy lies at the heart of our company. We believe that great food must begin with great ingredients, and that we have a responsibility to make use of every part of what we source, keeping waste to an absolute minimum.

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